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CT Walters provides EV charger installation for homes and businesses across the UK.

With more electric cars and vans on the roads, a home or business EV charging point is a necessity. CT Walters Electrical are approved installers for home and workplace EV charging points, and once your EV charging point is installed, you’ll start enjoying the reduced cost of driving your electric car immediately! You could enjoy fuel savings of up to £1,000 or more a year when compared to petrol or diesel vehicles.

As well as the obvious lower fuel costs, other EV benefits include no oil changes and less general maintenance, zero emissions, lower/no road tax, and more performance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Home or workplace electric car chargers can vary in price but they typically start at around £400 to £500 and can go up to £4000 depending on power output and features etc.

    If you only use public and paid chargepoints, you could save in the region of £1000 over a year with a home chargepoint. Despite the initial costs, they often pay for themselves quite quickly.

    Don't forget, the government OLEV grant can save you £350 off the cost of a charger and/or installation. For more information, read our Guide to the OLEV EV Grant.

    Charging times vary depending on: your current level of battery charge, your battery capacity, your charging station's capacity and settings, as well as the capacity of your charging station's energy source (e.g. whether it's at home or an office building).

    Plug-in hybrids generally require 1-4 hours to be fully charged, while full-electric cars require 4-8 hours (from 0 to 100%). Using a regular EV charging socket it will take 6-8hrs, 1-4hr with a charging station, and 20 minutes with a fast charger.

    There are two different types of EV charging points/stations: AC and DC. Power from the grid is always AC and EV batteries only accept DC power, which means that at some point, the current must be converted. The difference between AC and DC charging stations is whether that power converter is located onboard or off-board the vehicle.

    With DC charging, the converter can be significantly larger due to the fact that it is located off-board the vehicle. Because the current is already converted to DC by the time it reaches the vehicle, it is possible to deliver more power, faster.

    As a result of this different charging technique, DC stations can provide up to 350 kW of power and fully charge an EV in 15 minutes (providing the EV allows it).

    The OLEV grant, or the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), is a government EV charger grant worth up to £350 to be used against the purchase and installation of a home electric car charger. You can claim the grant for one charger per eligible vehicle, old or new, up to two vehicles per household.

    To qualify for the OLEV grant you must:

    • Have off-street parking
    • Install an OLEV-approved chargepoint
    • Use an OLEV-approved installer

    Like the EVHS, the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a grant that a business can use against the cost of installing electric car chargers at a place of business, for use by their staff or fleet cars, by up to £14,000.

    Businesses, charities, or public authorities can claim up to £350 per chargepoint socket, up to a limit of 40 sockets. To qualify for the WCS, you need to have sufficient off-street parking and have the chargepoints installed by an OLEV-approved installer.

    You're not currently required to have EVs as part of your fleet, but you do need to demonstrate an existing or future need for the business. You also can't retroactively claim for any chargepoints previously installed.